Over the last couple of years, the number of pro athletes wearing Phiten necklaces has increased and is most noticeable in MLB.  Phiten is a Japanese company that developed a process to dissolve titanium in water, and the titanium is absorbed into materials like a dye.  The aqua-titanium becomes part of the fabric and does not wash out or fade.  Phiten’s product line includes clothing, necklaces, bracelets, sports tape, and lotions to name a few.

Titanium is believed to emit energy that affects one’s bio-electric current, and this helps regulate and balance the body’s flow of energy.  As a result, it alleviates discomfort, speeds recovery, and increases energy.  It helps to relax muscles and reduces stress.  But does it work?

I have not found any studies, but little over a year ago I went on-line and ordered a Phiten necklace.  I generally woke-up in the morning with a sore and tight neck muscles.  I tried several types of pillows and so on with no luck.  Now I have two Phiten necklaces, one that I wear all day and one for when I run or workout.  I have experienced little to no tightness in my neck over the past year.  It may just be a coincidence, who knows.

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